StrideSmart* technology is a unique gentle support system for growing feet developed by an Australian podiatrist with one goal in mind - to introduce unprecedented support and comfort into girls' stylish footwear. 

"Why just girls?"  Great question!  Over 25 years, he observed that more girls aged between five and 12 had painful foot conditions than boys, despite generally playing less sport.  What's more, in summer particularly, boys tend to wear sneakers and other casual shoes that generally have some form of support while girls' sandals lack any support at all.

He also noticed that girls who usually wore custom-made orthotics would inevitably return after summer holidays with sore feet, having sidelined their orthotics for stylish yet unsupportive sandals.

The need for stylish, supportive girls' shoes was frustratingly clear and in 2014 the Supps Footwear concept was born!  His vision became a reality in January 2017 when he made Supps shoes available to his patients.  This new generation of sandals were so popular among his young clients and through word of mouth that it was a natural next step to make Supps available online.  

Supps Footwear was ahead of its time:

In May 2017, a survey conducted on behalf of The College of Podiatry in the UK found that "the nation's daughters are at the greatest risk of long term damage wearing shoes which experts warn against."

Supps Footwear fulfils every one of the UK's College of Podiatry's recommendations for parents on what to look for in a children's shoe.

Supps with StrideSmart* do all the work ~ girls reap all the benefits and parents can buy Supps with confidence and peace of mind!

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