Why support children's feet?

By around the age of five, the ligaments and muscles in children's feet have strengthened, the inherent fat pads aren't as prominent, and children should have normal arches in both feet. So why do so many children's shoes lack any support?

The issue of providing support for children's arches from around the age of five can be a confusing issue.

Some podiatrists and brands claim that healthy feet in children do not require support and that barefoot and/or shoes that emulate it are best.

Other podiatrists believe that once a child has developed arches in the feet, it makes sense to support those arches with gentle support

Observing so many five to pre-teen aged girls presenting with painful foot conditions, the Australian podiatrist who developed the StrideSmart* gentle support system used in Supps Footwear would revolutionise foot care options for girls aged five-plus.

Like many parenting issues, there are several schools of thought and it's worth researching it yourself if you have any concerns.  It can also be a matater of asking the child what feels best on their feet.

Supps Footwear's philosophy is based on the professionally researched and established premise that if a child aged five-plus has developed arches in the normal way, it makes sense to support their arches with very gentle support within a flexible sole that features shock absorption and all over support for the foot and ankle.




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