About StrideSmart*

The StrideSmart* gentle support system, developed by an Australian podiatrist, is built into every pair of Supps shoes to support growing feet. 

Thanks to StrideSmart, the feet are cradled and cushioned with every step, also protecting the knees and posture which is so important as children grow.   

What makes Supps Footwear unique?

While other brands may claim to support children's feet, their footbeds are generally layered with foam that quickly flattens with wear.  Supps shoes are unique because StrideSmart is made with medium density rubber that holds its shape yet remains flexible, both vital elements of childrens' shoes, delivering consistent and lasting support and comfort!

Supps with StrideSmart* do all the work ~ girls reap all the benefits and parents can buy Supps with confidence and peace of mind!



 ** Disclaimer:
  • Supps do not qualify as 'custom-made orthotics', 'orthotic devices', 'custom-made orthotic footwear' nor 'generic orthotics' as required by health funds for rebates.
  • Supps with podiatrist-designed StrideSmart* offer a unique and practical alternative for short term use when custom-made orthotics are usually worn.  
  • Supps are not intended as a long term alternative to custom-made orthotics where orthotics have been deemed necessary by a healthcare practitioner.
 * Supps StrideSmart Technology trademark (2017)