Size Chart

Choosing the correct shoe size for Supps is easy!  

Simply click on the size chart below and print it being sure to check printer accuracy with a standard ruler against the illustrated tape measure provided on the chart.  Printing from your smartphone or tablet is fine!

If the illustrated ruler does not correspond with real measurements, check your printer settings and choose A4 "actual size" and reprint.  If there's still a problem, or you don't have access to a printer, please contact us and we'll post you a size chart.

Click here for Printable Size Chart                                            


Here's how to use it correctly:

Once you're confident the size chart is accurate (give or take a millimetre or two), cut out the tape measure and fold up the line at the base of the heel.  Place it on a firm floor and position the child's bare foot onto the chart with the heel against the fold.

The size indicated at the end of the longest toe is the correct size - there's no need to "go up a size to allow for growth" as we've already included that for you - in fact, girls usually get two seasons wear from their Supps when they've used the size chart.

The maximum ankle measurement is also indicated for each shoe size. Note: Supps ankle straps are designed with elastic to fit most feet.  If the ankle strap is considered too tight, however, your local shoe repairer can easily lengthen the elastic.