All Supps' soles are made with medium-density rubber for optimal shock absorption, protecting feet & knees and maintaining StrideSmart's lasting support.
All Supps' footbeds are leather-lined allowing the feet to breathe and ensuring all day comfort 
Our intricate sandal uppers are made from polyurethane-leather, known as 'pleather' in the fashion industry, achieving an ideal blend of leather-look & feel and affordability.

Concern for our supplier employees:

All Supps shoes are manufactured by a reputable, independently-audited supplier who pay their workers fairly, do not employ child labour, and comply with local labour laws on wages, working hours, conditions, insurances and benefits owing to employees.

Concern for health and the environment:

Supps' suppliers only use approved EU standard: environmental protection materials, chemical dyes on pigskin skydiver and manufacturing practices.